Italian police with Anafi drone fine sunbather on deserted beach

Italian used a Parrot Anafi drone to monitor the beaches in Rimini for people who defy the stay at home order. On a deserted stretch of beach, they found a sunbather who was illegally enjoying the beautiful weather. They spotted the man with a drone and in this video you can see how two police officers on quads approach him and issue a fine.

Italian police with Anafi drone fine sunbather on a deserted beach in Rimini

The video was shared on Facebook by the town's public relations office, according to a British newspaper. It was meant to show how police are enforcing the lockdown rules, and how drones and off-road vehicles are used to cover large areas such as the beach. However, the video backfired and in the comments, the police were likened to ‘dictators'.

The Italian Interior Ministry reported that last weekend 17,500 people were reported for failing to comply with the social distancing rules. On Sunday alone, another 8,641, people were sanctioned for illegitimate travel. 74 persons for false declarations, and nine for violating social distancing rules.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in . has become the epicenter with more than 24,000 recorded deaths.

Last Monday. The country showed the first drop in people that currently test positive for the virus since the country tracking the infection since February. The country has been under some of the most strict lockdown rules in Europe.

As of March 9th, people are restricted from all but necessary movements. However, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte confirmed on Tuesday that the country will begin to ease some of their lockdown rules as of May 4th. In a post on Facebook, he said:

“We have to reopen on the basis of policy that takes into consideration all the details and cuts across all the data. A serious policy. Scientific. Reasonable expectation is that we will apply it from May 4th.”

What do you think about the police using drones to patrol beaches and parks looking for people who break the lockdown orders or do not follow the social distancing rules? Let us know in the comments below.

Italian Police With Anafi Drone Fine Sunbather On Deserted Beach 1

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  1. It’s interesting to see the extent that some countries enforce social distancing. And what will be the new “normal” if/when the dust settles…

  2. It is a violation of personal rights to not be able to sunbath alone. Drones used in this way is very unnerving and the main reason people have been apposed to drones in the first place. Our technology is infringing our rights as feared.

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