Mavic 3 release date shown in leaked DJI announcement

The Mavic 3 release date will be on September 26th, 2020, at 10 a.m. EST according to two leaked photos of the announcement that I received just this afternoon.

Update: Mavic 3 release date is fake news and shows a DJI T16 Agras instead Sorry guys… 

Mavic 3 release date September 26th, according to leaked DJI image

In my last article from almost one week ago, I wrote that based on the latest info and rumors, I expected the release date to be sometime in September. Originally, we had expected to see this new foldable drone from DJI earlier in the summer but the Chinese drone maker had to overcome some obstacle avoidance hardware and other software challenges.

However, today I received the two following leaked images from one of my good industry friends and drone pilot that show a release date for the DJI Mavic 3 to be September 26th, 2020 at 10 a.m. EST.

Now as somebody pointed out on Facebook, September 26th is a Saturday. This unusual and not something we have seen before from DJI. However, in view it is a very smart move. The Mavic 3 release will be almost certainly an online-only event and in that case picking a Saturday morning, might allow DJI to reach a much larger audience for their latest pro- and consumer drone.

Mavic 3 Release Date Shown In Leaked Dji Photos

Details in the Mavic 3 release date images

The images are very much in the classic DJI announcement style by showing some of the shapes of the drone but without giving away any details. Messing with brightness, contrast, etc will not reveal much news either as the photos are too low res. Unfortunately.

With the photo showing the Mavic 3 release date, I also received also the following information suggesting that the Chinese text says something along the following lines for the first photo:

“Talk about the third return of the “king of kings”

The return of the ‘king of kings’ could also be viewed as a sign that even DJI now sees the Mavic 3 as its most important drone, replacing the iconic Phantom series. For the second, bottom photo, it says:

“The future is here”

As a side note, it seems that Mavic in Chinese might mean ‘royal’. Is there anybody who can confirm that?

Mavic 3 Release Date Shown In Leaked Dji Announcement 1

Taking a closer look at the photos, it seems that the Mavic 3 has become again more aerodynamic and more streamlined. The first photo seems to show the Mavic 3 facing toward to viewer at an angle. Some vents are visible, and maybe the outline of the obstacle avoidance sensor section at the front? Hard to tell.

The bottom photo with the Mavic 3 release date shows massive air vents, a prop, and part of the arm. But, again in DJI style, there is just enough info to tease you but not give any info away.

Let me know what you think of these leaked DJI photos showing the parts of the drone as well as the Mavic 3 release date. This will be a long three months of waiting before we can get our hands on one. If any new information surfaces in the meantime, I’ll be sure to share it here on DroneXL.

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Mavic 3 Release Date Shown In Leaked Dji Announcement 2

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