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DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

While it had been officially denied, we know the DJI Mini SE was coming to the US market, and today it finally happened. The sub-249-gram drone offers a 30 minute flight time, a 3-axis stabilized camera that records 2.7K video, and costs ‘only’ $300.

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

The DJI Mini SE weighs less than 250 grams which means that you will be able to fly it with little or no restrictions in some countries. In the United States, this means that you will not have to register the Mini SE with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as long as you fly it recreationally. As soon as you use the lightweight drone for commercial purposes, you will need to register it under the Bart 107 regulations.

The DJI Mini SE uses many internal components of the original Mavic Mini but comes in the body of the Mini 2. The Mini SE ships with propeller guards for safer indoor flying. The top DJI drone in the sub-250-gram category remains the DJI Mini 2, however, that comes with Ocu-Sync 2.0 instead of WiFi video transmission for a much better connection between the drone and the remote controller. The Mini 2 features a higher video recording resolution of 4K with a higher bit rate (100 Mbps for the Mini 2 instead of 40 Mpbs for the Mini SE) for improved colors and dynamic range.

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

The DJI Mini SE shoots 12MP still photos and records 2.7K video on a 3-axis stabilized camera. The Wifi video transmission signal is good for a range of about 2.5 miles.

The DJI Mini SE makes it easy and affordable to get into the drone hobby. The unmanned aircraft helps you to shoot awesome photos and video through the use of QuickShots. The Mini SE can take dronies (an aerial selfie), rocket (drone shoots up with camera pointed downwards), circle (drone flies around a point of interest), and perform a helix move in which the drone flies ever-expanding circles around a point of interest.

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

The DJI mini SE was first launched in Australia, China, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and a few other countries. A DJI spokesperson officially the nights that this drone would make it to Europe in the United States however as of today it is available in the US. Through some early leaks, unboxing videos and appearances of the drone at Walmart locations back in June, and a recent FCC filing we knew that this drone’s arrival to our market was imminent.

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

The DJI Mini SE has been launched without any of the usual fanfare, online promotion, or even a press release. The drone seems to be positioned as the ultimate DJI and drone gateway drug as it offers a very easy-to-fly and overall decent drone for a very affordable price. We, however, stick to our original advice that if your budget allows for the DJI Mini 2, we would recommend getting that drone instead. OcuSync 2.0, 4K with a higher bit rate for better colors and dynamic range are worth the additional dollars.

The DJI Mini SE is now available for $300 at various resellers.

DJI Mini SE finally makes it to the US market

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