Dedrone launches handheld drone-mitigation system, the DedroneDefender

The counter-drone company, , announced today that it has launched its next-generation portable drone-mitigation device called the DedroneDefender.

The DedroneDefender takes a new approach to UAS-mitigation technology by offering a sleek, connected gun for targeted precision radio frequency (RF) jamming.

The DedroneDefender is specifically suitable for counter-drone mitigation solutions for citizen, state, and municipal law enforcement in urban locations due to its small, lightweight form factor and ease of use.

Adding the DedroneDefender to Dedrone's portfolio completes the end-to-end counter-drone solutions offered.

More than 700 jammers have been purchased by allied forces all around the globe thanks to the company's DroneDefender solution for military applications.

Both DroneDefender and DedroneDefender are intended to disrupt communication connections between pilots and unauthorized drones. This enables them to be effective against drone swarms in addition as individual drones.

DedroneDefender can be controlled via a phone-based app or in the conventional handheld method. In order to provide an autonomous Pan-Tilt-Jammer (PTJ) solution, it will also be available by Q1 2023, placed on a pan-tilt-positioner for automated targeting under the control of DedroneTracker software.

About the DedroneDefender

DedroneDefender is one of the lightest and smallest precision jamming systems on the market, weighing only 7.5 pounds and measuring only 22 inches long.

It complies with military standard MIL-STD-810H and has narrow-band jamming to reduce interference with other devices.

The use of narrow-band or “comb” jamming by DedroneDefender limits the possibility of interference with nearby systems like Wi-Fi. It is particularly set up to follow the protocols of the detected hostile drone as recommended by the DedroneTracker detection solution.

A drone enters a pre-programmed safety mode whenever communications are interrupted to reduce danger to other people and drone damage.

Both DroneDefender and DedroneDefender are compatible with other Dedrone products and third-party command and control systems.

This includes the DedroneTracker command and control platform, which uses autonomous background interrogation of potential targets to continually prioritize drone threats rather than initially locating them with the unaided eye hundreds of meters away against a busy backdrop or in the sky.

“DroneDefender is a valuable resource for extreme hostile environments, as proven by our federal and military customers,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone.  

“DedroneDefender extends that security to law enforcement and is a vital tool in a layered defense approach. It is easy to implement and use for drone mitigation, especially when combined with the threat prioritization provided by DedroneTracker. Our solution library is continuously updated to ensure both DroneDefender and DedroneDefender are able to mitigate even the newest manufactured and DIY drones.”

For any use case, Dedrone provides mobile drone detection solutions. The counter-drone company introduced DedronePortable this summer, which is now in use by militaries all over the world thanks to its portable, quick-to-install drone DTI system.

Dedrone operates in 37 nations, including the governments of four G-7 nations, nine federal departments and agencies in the , including the , more than 75 key infrastructure locations, 20+ airports, and 50 prisons globally.

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