Skydio joins UAS4STEM to empower youth drone pilots

Skydio, a leading US drone and software manufacturer, has joined the (AMA) program, UAS4STEM, to help empower young drone pilots and promote the use of drones in STEM education.

The UAS4STEM program is a national competition that challenges student teams to design, build, and program a UAS to complete a mission-based challenge.

Skydio joins UAS4STEM

In addition to learning safety, weather, airspace, and operations of UAS, the 2023 competition will require advanced teams to use their UAS to locate and pick up equipment such as marshmallows, medical kits, and water bottles and deliver them to specific target locations.

Students will be tested on their flight ground school knowledge and judged on their presentation of their UAS's capabilities, testing, project development, and research. The top three teams will be awarded the 2+ Pro Kit.

By participating in the UAS4STEM program, students gain hands-on experience and essential career readiness skills, increasing their likelihood of pursuing STEM and aviation careers.

Skydio's collaboration with UAS4STEM will help the company promote the use of drones and in education, inspire the next generation of pilots, engineers, and creators, and support young drone pilots in achieving their full potential.

Skydio Joins Uas4Stem To Empower Youth Drone Pilots

UAS4STEM registration is open until March 1, 2023, and the regional qualifiers will take place later in the year, with the national finals held at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, , in late July.

Skydio is one of the leading drone manufacturers in the US and produces high-quality drones that are easy to operate, safe, and reliable.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of autonomous drones with advanced obstacle avoidance and tracking capabilities.

Skydio's drones have a wide range of applications, including aerial photography and videography, mapping, and surveying, inspection, and .

Skydio's partnership with UAS4STEM is part of the company's commitment to promoting drone technology and encouraging the next generation of drone pilots and innovators.

By empowering young drone pilots, Skydio hopes to promote the use of drones in STEM education and inspire more young people to pursue careers in the field of aviation and technology.

Skydio Joins Uas4Stem To Empower Youth Drone Pilots

Skydio's investment in STEM education and its partnership with UAS4STEM will help young drone pilots gain the skills and experience they need to succeed in the .

By collaborating with UAS4STEM, Skydio is helping to ensure that the next generation of drone pilots and innovators has the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make a difference in the world of drones and technology.

Photos courtesy of UAS4STEM photographer Lee Ray

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