DJI Air 3 Review After One Month Of Flying

Good day, folks. This is Shawn from Air Photography, bringing you my 30-day of the new DJI Air 3. While this DJI drone has been on the market for slightly over a month, logistical challenges, primarily my extensive summer travels, delayed my acquisition. As I pen this review from Newfoundland, , where I've spent the past three weeks, much of the footage you'll see was captured against the backdrop of this breathtaking island, a destination I wholeheartedly recommend.

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The , in my estimation, emerges as a top choice for many. Particularly for those contemplating a transition from the Mini 3 in search of enhanced features and power without making the leap to the Series.

Besides its attractive pricing, the Air 3 delivers performance, speed, and specifications that stand shoulder to shoulder with its pricier counterparts. While it might not boast the prestigious camera, its inbuilt cameras are no slouch – a topic we'll delve deeper into momentarily.

Good Day, Folks. This Is Shawn From Air Photography, Bringing You My 30-Day Review Of The New Dji Air 3. While This Dji Drone Has Been On The Market For Slightly Over A Month

A standout feature is its dual-camera system, marking a first for the DJI Air series. Not only does it offer a compelling wide-angle camera, but it also introduces a three-times telephoto lens, perfect for those eager to flex their creative muscles.

The telephoto feature doesn't just render strikingly compressed backgrounds; it also offers an optical zoom, ensuring there's no quality compromise typical of digital zooms.

However, the initial buzz around the DJI Air 3 was tinged with disappointment. Purists lamented the absence of the one-inch sensor, replaced instead by two one-over-1.3 inch sensors. Yet this apprehension was quickly allayed as I scrutinized the footage.

Dji Air 3 Review

One must remember that sensor size is merely a single facet in the intricate matrix of video and photo quality. DJI's feat with the Air 3's imagery, given its sensor size, is nothing short of astounding.

Interestingly, both cameras on the Air 3 are identical, which streamlines post-production processes. Whether you're color grading or leveraging intelligent flight features, the uniformity between the two cameras ensures consistency.

Newfoundland Shot By Dji Air 3 Review

Discussing its range, the DJI Air 3 incorporates OcuSync 4, boasting a theoretical range of 20 kilometers. Real-world conditions, especially battery limitations, make this a stretch, but the robust connection even in challenging environments is commendable.

The controllers, namely the RC-N2 and the new DJI RC 2, demonstrate clear enhancements from their predecessors.

Meanwhile, the lack of true vertical shooting on the DJI Air 3, which the Pro features, might be seen as a drawback by some. However, DJI's solution is both innovative and functional, offering pre-cropped videos suitable for popular social media platforms.

One underrated feature I appreciate is the USB-C charging. This standardization across my drone fleet simplifies logistics. Additional features such as cruise control, waypoint missions, and impressive flight times only enhance its value proposition.

Dual Camera On The Dji Air 3 Drone Review

If there's a bone to pick, it's the paltry 8 gigabytes of internal storage. In a 4K filming era, this feels insufficient. A boost to at least 64 or 128 gigabytes in future models would be a welcome enhancement.

In conclusion, the DJI Air 3 is a formidable offering. Its prowess has me reevaluating my inventory, even considering parting with my cherished DJI Mavic 3. For those on the fence, especially current DJI Mini 3 Pro users, the DJI Air 3 is a worthy successor, underpinned by DJI's consistent track record of excellence.

I appreciate your time in engaging with this review, and I eagerly await your thoughts on the DJI Air 3. Until next time, safe flying.

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