Drone Danger in the Skies: A Call to Responsible Drone Usage

A Reckless Display of Irresponsibility

In recent times, the advent of has brought about a new era of aerial photography and videography, offering perspectives that were once the exclusive domain of professional pilots and photographers. However, with great power comes great responsibility, a mantra seemingly ignored by a Douyin user identified as “MAVIC 3 PRO who is flying everywhere📸.” This individual's dangerous drone flights, capturing close encounters with civil aviation aircraft such as the C919 and 787, have sparked widespread outrage and concern for air safety.

The Irresponsible Heights of Intrusion

The individual's online posts revealed a series of illegal aerial videos showcasing close proximity flights to civilian airliners, including the domestically produced C919. One video, in particular, depicted the drone hovering 498 meters above Dishui Lake, Pudong New District, Shanghai, alarmingly close to the Shanghai Pudong International 's flight paths.

Despite clear warnings from the , including the ADS-B receiver which signaled the presence of manned aircraft and the breach of the altitude limit of 120 meters, the user chose to disregard these cautions.

Investigations confirmed that the airspace above Dishui Lake mandates a maximum flight altitude of 120 meters, rendering the flight at 498 meters not only irresponsible but unequivocally illegal. This act of defiance is not an isolated incident but a dangerous trend that jeopardizes the safety of passengers and crew aboard the aircraft involved.

Echoes of Past Recklessness

This is not the first instance of drones menacing the safety of civil aviation. A similar incident seven years prior, involving a Mavic Pro drone filming close to a passenger plane near Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, had already sounded alarms across the society and prompted official intervention. Such repeated infringements underscore a blatant disregard for the basic tenets of aviation safety and the law.

The Community's Call to Action

The drone community, alongside concerned netizens, has rallied to report the reckless actions of the “MAVIC 3 PRO who is flying everywhere📸” user, urging the Douyin platform to remove the contentious content. This collective outcry is a testament to the broader drone community's commitment to safety and legal compliance, distinguishing the responsible majority from the reckless few.

Safeguarding Our Skies

The allure of capturing the world from above must not eclipse the paramount importance of safety and respect for aviation laws and regulations. Drone manufacturers and regulatory bodies must work hand-in-hand to enhance awareness, improve reporting mechanisms, and enforce regulations to mitigate the risks posed by irresponsible drone usage. As enthusiasts and citizens, it is incumbent upon us all to champion the cause of safe skies, ensuring that the marvels of drone technology serve to enrich, rather than endanger, our shared airspace.

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