Eurofighter Damaged by Drone Collision at Bavarian Airport

Eurofighter Hits Drone on Landing

A Eurofighter jet collided with a drone while landing at Manching in Bavaria last week. The pilot didn't notice the collision, but damage was found after landing. The drone incident, which did not compromise flight safety, has led to a investigation, reports The Aviationist.

Incident Details and Investigation

On May 22, 2024, a Eurofighter approaching Manching Airport, near Ingolstadt, hit a drone about 300 meters east of the runway. This area is uninhabited, and the pilot didn't notice the collision. The Upper Bavaria North Police Headquarters reported the incident on May 27.

A post-flight inspection revealed damage to the Eurofighter, but the extent of the damage hasn't been disclosed. Since drone flights are prohibited around the airport, the German Police have launched an investigation into dangerous interference with air traffic and breaches of the Aviation Security Act. They are seeking witnesses and have set up an upload portal for images and videos.

Drone Regulations Around Airports

The police emphasized that drones can only be flown near airports with the operator's permission. Unauthorized drone flights pose significant risks to air traffic. This incident highlights the ongoing issue of drone interference around airports, military training areas, and airshows.

Risks of Drone Interference

Flying drones near airports is illegal and extremely dangerous, as they can cause significant damage to aircraft. If ingested into an engine, a drone can lead to malfunction or failure, especially risky during takeoff or landing. A drone striking the windshield can impair pilot visibility and create hazardous cockpit conditions. Additionally, drones can damage wings, fuselage, or control surfaces, potentially leading to structural compromises and fires. Collisions with drones can also interfere with control surfaces, making aircraft harder to control or causing unpredictable behavior.

Regulations and No-Fly Zones

Due to these risks, strict regulations and no-fly zones exist around airports to prevent drones from operating in these areas. This incident at Manching Airport serves as a reminder of the importance of these regulations and the need for drone operators to follow them to ensure air traffic safety.

DroneXL's Take

This incident underscores the critical need for drone operators to adhere to regulations and avoid flying near airports. The potential risks and consequences of drone interference with manned aircraft are severe and can lead to catastrophic outcomes. While drones offer many benefits, ensuring their safe operation is paramount to protect both manned and unmanned aircraft in shared airspace.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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