Firefighters use thermal drone to locate and rescue dog stranded on cliff

A three-year-old dog slipped out of his collar and ended up stranded on a steep cliff face. used a to locate and rescue the animal.

The long-haired dachshund Bear fell from a cliff at Capel-le-Ferne in Folkestone in the .

“Straight away I just had that horrible sick, sinking feeling in my stomach and just pure panic. I then heard this loud barking and realized what had happened,” Sarah said.

Kent Fire and Rescue and the Coastguard responded to assist with the search for Bear. Another rescue team arrived at around 6:50 PM to aid in the search.

Firefighters utilized a thermal drone to search for heat signatures and swiftly discovered Bear trapped in the high grass on the steep slope.

Rescue crews were able to bring the young dog back to safety at around 11 PM.

Sarah, the owner of Bear, has now warned other dog owners to be extra cautious when walking near cliffs.

“It had been a really lovely walk and both dogs had been impeccably behaved, so I can only imagine Bear saw or smelt something and ran off, and I hadn’t realized his lead wasn’t fully secure,” she said according to ITV.

“From now on, both dogs will be wearing harnesses on walks and I’ll be double checking their collars and leads before setting off. It all happened so quickly and just goes to show how important it is to take extra precautions, and I’d absolutely urge all other dog owners to do the same.”

“I dread to think what could’ve happened and I’m just relieved Bear is home and safe. I’m so grateful to the crews for rescuing him. They were fantastic and helped to keep us all calm. I can’t thank them enough.”

Firefighters Use Thermal Drone To Locate And Rescue Dog Stranded On Cliff
Firefighters use thermal drone to locate and rescue dog stranded on cliff. Photo courtesy of Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

Chris Redmond, the manager of the Kent fire and Rescue Service station said:

“We’re really pleased we were able to work with our partners at HM Coastguard to rescue Bear and return him to his owner.”

“Sarah had done the right thing by keeping both dogs on their leads, and what happened was an unfortunate accident, but it’s a reminder for all dog owners to take extra care around steep heights or water, and to stay well back from cliff edges.”

“Please don’t attempt to rescue your pet in dangerous situations, as you could also end up needing to be rescued – instead, please call 999.”

Firefighters use thermal drones for good

At DroneXL, we frequently cover stories in which drones are used for good. Over recent years we have seen that drones outfitted with thermal cameras are especially effective in quickly locating missing people or animals.

With drones becoming both more capable and more affordable we hope that more crews will be able to utilize this new technology.

What do you think about to use of thermal drones by firefighters and search and rescue crews? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Firefighters Use Thermal Drone To Locate And Rescue Dog Stranded On Cliff 1

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