Mike Lindell’s Drone and WMD Tech: A New Twist on Election Monitoring

The MyPillow founder, Mike Lindell, is no stranger to making headlines, and he's done it again. On Thursday, in an attention-grabbing event, Lindell showcased his new idea to combat alleged election fraud—a move that could potentially get enthusiasts on the wrong side of the law.

Lindell, who transitioned from a linen salesman to an ardent conspiracy theorist, has continually sounded the horn about supposed election frauds. He's one of the top voices claiming wrongful actions surrounding Donald Trump's 2020 presidential defeat in .

“This device, as it flew into this building, this wireless monitoring device, it just grabbed all of your cell phones, everybody in this room, every device that's on the internet right now,” he explained to a captivated audience.

Now, he's turned his attention to a new approach. At the event, Lindell introduced a device attached to a DJI Mavic 3 drone, intended to detect suspicious WiFi at polling sites. He envisions this technology as a key tool, allowing real-time monitoring of polling locations through an app he's created.

Lindell emphasized that the main aim is not the drone, but the device. He stated, “The drone doesn't have anything to do with it,” and added that he sees country clerks as the main users of the device.

Despite Lindell's assertions that former President Trump was robbed of a win due to tampering, the foundation for such claims remains shaky. Lindell is currently facing a lawsuit from two voting machine companies, seeking over $1 billion in damages.

In a previous event, named the “Cyber Symposium,” he confidently offered $5 million to anyone able to debunk his conspiracy theory. Unfortunately for him, a software forensics expert took him up on that challenge. The result? Lindell lost and is currently appealing the decision.

Back to his recent conference named the “Election Crime Bureau,” Lindell seemed ecstatic about his new “wireless monitoring device” (WMD). This device, he claims, can identify nearby devices with internet access, such as smartphones and computers.

“Lemme tell you, everybody. We now can catch them in a lie, okay?” he declared.

Yet, the legality of such devices, especially when attached to drones, remains questionable. , for instance, has updated its laws to include regulations against unauthorized surveillance drones.

Mike Lindell's Drone And Wmd Tech: A New Twist On Election Monitoring

Their code explicitly mentions the operation of unmanned aircraft systems over another's property as a breach. In fact, deploying drones near key locations, like , D.C., or airports, can lead to severe consequences, including jail time.

Despite being aware of some of these restrictions, Lindell reportedly remains undeterred. He referenced an incident involving Matt DePerno, 's Republican attorney general nominee in 2022, who allegedly tampered with Michigan voting machines.

“We weren't gonna take that chance,” Lindell stated. “This is too important to the world.”

In a world filled with technological advancements and increasing surveillance, Lindell's move raises many questions about privacy, legality, and the lengths to which individuals might go to ensure election transparency.

Only time will tell if Lindell's plan gets off the ground or faces grounding challenges.

Photos courtesy of Dexertonox.

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  1. Most of the conspiracy theories by people on the right have come true, though granted not 2020 election conspiracies. You might be a little less political.

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