Parrot’s new Anafi announcement: “Do you trust DJI drones?”

In a series of emails to media folks, the PR agency for the French drone maker Parrot has announced that they will be releasing a new drone on June 30th, 4 p.m. CEST. However, that is not what stood out most to me and many other people in the . Nope. What stood out most were the slogans asking us if we Chinese drones and more specifically DJI drones.

Parrot: Do you trust Chinese or DJI drones?

The two emails from the PR agency hired by to help them launch their new drone were accompanied by two images. The images show three different lenses and tell you to ‘save the date to see the drone you can trust.'

The first image says:

Don't trust Chinese drones

The second one reads:

Do you trust DJI drones?

Now for readers of DroneXL, it will not be a secret what new drone Parrot will be launching as we have already seen photos of prototypes and early models appear online. However, what strikes me as odd is Parrot's focus on trust, the Chinese make drones, and specifically DJI drones. Parrot implies that we cannot trust Chinese drones. We cannot trust DJI drones. But we can trust the drones from Parrot, which btw are designed in , but made in… you guessed it… !

Seriously? Who thought this marketing campaign was a good idea!?!

What evidence does Parrot have that proofs we cannot trust Chinese made drones or DJI drones? Do they have any? Or is Parrot just singing the same old song that goes around some parts of the US Government?

If you are wondering why the mistrust in Chinese drones does not make a lot of sense, be sure to listen to Brendan Schulman's interview.

Parrot's campaign leaves a foul taste in my mouth and makes me wonder, should we buy French drones?

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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  1. Products made in China are inanimate objects that come from China
    The people of China are called the Chinese
    Putting trust in an inanimate object such as a drone is irrational
    Maybe it reads better in French, but I don’t see how
    It has a ring of racism to my ear

  2. DJI do have great products and the company actually created the market of consumer-grade drones. Parrot just cannot beat DJI by their product, instead they tried to do it by putting defamation on their competitor, in a dirty and somewhat racist way. Disgusting

    • Assembled in the USA would be more accurate. Might still contain parts made in China.

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