How much will the DJI Mavic 3 cost? Here are rumored prices from mainland China.

We have seen all the Mavic 3 retail photos. We have read all the Mavic 3 specs. But one question remains unanswered. How much will the cost? Here are rumored prices from mainland .

How much will the DJI Mavic 3 cost?

In this previous article, we reported on how much the DJI Mavic 3 might cost. These numbers, we had been told, came from the DJI Resellers Portal and therefore should be accurate or at least give a good indication.

While we have heard many people say that these numbers would be too high, especially for the Cine Combo, we think they might very well be quite accurate (unfortunately).

Rumored Mavic 3 prices from mainland China

However, tonight we saw on Twitter that the following prices are expected for mainland China. This information comes from a reputable source.

In the tweet, he says that the ‘x' are typically an 8 or a 9. So, I went ahead and converted the following prices from Chinese Yuan to US Dollars as an example.

These numbers are even higher than our original information. If the ‘x' would be zero, you would come to slightly lower prices (obviously) but still on the high side. Especially for the Cine Premium Combo.

These prices are not far off from our earlier information. Keep in mind that these are rumored prices from mainland China from a reputable source. We have used a Google currency converter to calculate the USD equivalent. Please note that besides a simple currency conversion, there are many more things to consider when determining competitive retail prices for new products such as the DJI Mavic 3, and the final Mavic 3 prices for the US market are very likely to be different.

As I mentioned earlier, we have heard that our numbers were on the high side and I hope that will be true. The US is a very competitive market and it would be good to see the DJI Mavic 3 come in at a lower price, especially for the Cine Premium Combo.

We should know more on November 5th.

How much do you think the Mavic 3 will cost?

Will you buy the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo for more than $5,000? Let us know in the comments below.

How Much Will The Dji Mavic 3 Cost? Here Are Rumored Prices From Mainland China.


How Much Will The Dji Mavic 3 Cost? Here Are Rumored Prices From Mainland China. 1


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  1. I was a loyal dji customer. The greed and outrageous prices has lost a loyal customer. They are going to screw themselves. There’s too many other US companies on the rise.

  2. I think €2000, 2500 and 3999 is fair very strange that you put combo at 800 more than standard, I have never seen a combo that is more than 350 more than standard. The combo has 2xbattery charger and filters more than standard , so break it down filters and charger no more than 200, this would mean batteries are going to cost 300 each making them the most expensive DJI batteries 20% dearer than Matrice batteries . Something does not sit right here .

    • Agree, cannot see how the combo would be so much more than the base kit unless the batteries are going to be very, very expensive!

  3. DJI is having a laugh with those prices if they lay out to be accurate. With the Mavic 2 pretty good and a well established as an industry standard and the Mavic air 2s being pretty good, I think the mark-up is too high for people to justify trading in their old 2’s for a new 3.

    If anything It may bump up the value of a Mavic 2 on the second hand market or see anyone waiting just consider the Mavic air 2s if these prices play out to be accurate.

    Nudging £5k for a cine version makes it difficult for professionals to spend the money on it, over a second hand Inspire 2 (with changeable lenses). As a professional drone pilot I have both a Mavic 2 and an inspire 2.

    As much as I would like Prores and micro 4/3rds in a Mavic sized package its hard to find a way to get over the cost that convenience may incur if I went for the Cine Mavic 3.

    I think DJI may be over estimating demand and desirability in a climate where many consumers live in such uncertain economic circumstances post-Covid.

    I suspect what I personally think and how much that affects DJI’s world is probably quite insignificant but I fear this is what a monopoly does to industry.

    It would be healthy for other competitors to up their game a bit and put out well formed products that can genuinely compete and become alternative options in their own right (Autel, Yuneec just don’t do it for me and Ive heard of a few problems from friends on older models).

    Skydio, I’m talking to you sort your act out and start selling in the UK. Give us prores and micro 4/3rds on a skydio x2 with smooth intelligent tracking/collision avoidance and I’ll bite your hand off for £5000!!

  4. Yeah, would be definitely somewhat salty prices.
    Especially considering remote is that “One step forward-Many steps backwards” design.

    Now if it had something like removable camera module with alternative modules coming later for different capabilities that would be selling point.

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