Drone pursuit: Sheriff’s department apprehends suspects after tracking them with a drone

Two suspects found themselves in custody after a drone pursuit. The duo was tracked down by an Autel EVO II Dual with a thermal camera in a park. 

Sheriff’s deputy and remote pilot, Nick Greenhut, used the drone, which was on loan from Advexure, to watch their vehicle until his team arrived to arrest the two men. While they caught one suspect fairly quickly, the other fled the scene on foot into the night.

Typically, when that happens, the person running gets away because there’s not a great way to maintain visuals when it’s dark outside. But Deputy Greenhut used the thermal camera on the EVO II to look around the area until he found the second suspect, who was trying to hide behind a tree.

Drone Pursuit: Sheriff’s Department Apprehends Suspects After Tracking Them With A Drone
The remote controller for the EVO II Dual from .

Greenhut locked the drone’s sight on the man until backup arrived to arrest him. Because of his quick thinking and smart flying, the streets are a little bit safer in Nevada.

“This mission success is one of the perfect examples of how UAS serve as a force-multiplier and also enhance safety for deputies first on scene,” Travis Waibel, CEO of Advexure said. “Deputy Greenhut was able to get eyes on the suspect and provide to his responding partners to advise them on the suspect’s whereabouts and whether it appeared he had any weapons. This information is very helpful to ensure a safe and effective response when encountering an unknown individual in the dark of night.”

Drone pursuit & law enforcement

This isn’t the first time that a drone has come to the aid of law enforcement officers. In fact, according to a recent Atlas of Surveillance study, at least 1,172 departments nationwide use drones. They utilize UAS for everything from surveillance and search & rescue to accident reconstruction.

And, the technology continues to expand with add-ons such as searchlights and broadcasting systems.
In this case, the sheriff’s department was partaking in Advexure’s demo, loaner, and lease programs to figure out whether or not a specific drone system was the right fit for their program. Judging by the results of this mission, the answer was a resounding “yes.”

Drone Pursuit: Sheriff’s Department Apprehends Suspects After Tracking Them With A Drone

Advexure’s Demo, Loaner, and Lease Program

Advexure is a -based dealer of drones and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). It integrates systems, trains people, and gives advice on how to use in public safety and business.
The company’s team of current and former public-safety drone pilots and UAS subject-matter experts works closely with thousands of public-safety agencies across the . They also host demo days so departments can test various drones.

But, perhaps the best offering available through the company is the demo, loaner, and lease program. Think of it as a “try before you buy” program.

“This program allows for public safety agencies to test and evaluate, or short-term lease, platforms or payloads to develop buy-in and budget from the powers-that-be to expand UAS usage in their respective programs,” Waibel added.

Drone Pursuit: Sheriff’s Department Apprehends Suspects After Tracking Them With A Drone

Bringing It Together

Through drones, thermal technology, and a trained remote pilot, this Nevada sheriff’s department found an improved way to fight crime.

The implementation of UAS in public safety not only puts eyes in the sky but also provides information that was once only available via helicopter. Drones provide a safer, quicker, and less disruptive alternative. And they’re far less expensive.

If you’re in public safety and interested in learning how you can implement drone technology within your agency, connect with Advexure here. You might just be the next remote pilot to save the day.

Drone Pursuit: Sheriff’s Department Apprehends Suspects After Tracking Them With A Drone 1

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