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Woman Rescued From Floodwaters Thanks To Drone Operator

Woman Rescued from Floodwaters Thanks to Drone Operator

A woman was rescued from rising floodwaters in Willis, Texas, on Thursday morning after a drone operator spotted her stranded vehicle and alerted authorities. The incident reportedly occurred at the intersection of Rockrose Ranch and Calvary Road, where heavy rainfall…

Misguided Ban On Chinese Drones: Risking American Lives 4

Misguided Ban on Chinese Drones: Risking American Lives

In the rugged Utah mountains, where weather conditions can change rapidly, the Weber County Sheriff Search and Rescue team relies on drones to locate lost individuals swiftly and efficiently. These drones, equipped with thermal cameras, enable the team to carry…

Drone Quickly Locates Missing Cocker Spaniels In Inkberrow 5

Drone Quickly Locates Missing Cocker Spaniels in Inkberrow

In a remarkable display of technology’s potential in aiding Search and Rescue efforts, a volunteer drone operator from Redditch, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom, successfully located two missing cocker spaniels within 15 minutes of deploying his drone near Inkberrow on…

A importância dos drones Dji para salvar vidas

A importância dos drones da DJI para salvar vidas (e dinheiro)

Em uma carta recente à Assembleia Geral de Connecticut, o vice-chefe Mark Gentile, do Corpo de Bombeiros de Rocky Hill, se opôs veementemente ao Projeto de Lei 3 do Senado, que inclui a proibição da compra e do uso de drones DJI chineses e outros drones de fabricação estrangeira...

Drones: The Future Of Disaster Response And Public Safety

Drones: The Future of Disaster Response and Public Safety

In Ashland, Oregon, an innovative training program is bridging the gap between technology and public safety, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to disaster response and law enforcement assistance. The National Guard, in collaboration with local and state agencies, has embarked on…